Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently-asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

1. How do I request a price?
If there is already a specification, we ask you to send us the relevant specification paragraphs and drawings. In other cases, please send us drawings or sketches of the required situation and a description of the materials requested.

2. How can I clean the continuous rooflight?
A continuous rooflight requires little maintenance; see also our cleaning recommendations.

3. Do you also provide the safety facilities?
We can naturally provide them, but given that we are usually last in line in the building process, the safety facilities are already in place and should remain until we have completed our work. This is usually cheaper than us re-installing the facilities specially for our activities.

4. What guarantee does DayLight Technics give on their continuous rooflights?
DayLight Technics gives a 10 year guarantee on continuous rooflights; see also our Guarantee certificate.

5. Does DayLight Technics also supply sun-resistant glazing?
Yes, see also glazing.

6. Are continuous rooflights burglar-proof?
DayLight Technics has solutions that impede intruders. These are heavily dependent on your application and type of rooflight. Call us for more information.

7. Are continuous rooflights fall-through safe?
DayLight Technics has solutions to make rooflights fall-through safe. As these are project-specific solutions, you should ask about the options to suit your situation.