Domelight glass window

Spaces in which we live are optimally illuminated by flat roof windows. Excellent light transmission, outstanding thermal insulation, reduction of nuisance noise and intruders improve the overall energy performance comfort of your building.

The domelight glass window is suitable for and can be mounted on all (architectural) upstands. In combination with a domelight, in which the choice is extensive, this composition is suitable for flat roofs with slope of 15°.

The domelight glass window will always be compiled with a domelight.

Main features

  • Fully thermally separated with a high insulation value, and therefore energy-saving
  • Includes safety glass
  • Outstanding sound reduction
  • Injury-safety according to EN 12600 1B1
  • Glass: LTA 79.5%; ZTA 62.4%; Ug = 1.1 W/m²K

Product benefits
The window:

  • Is available in 14 sizes
  • Can be combined with either existing or new domelights
  • Is easy to install
  • Is suitable for new construction and renovation projects
  • With a 10 year guarantee

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