Daylight tube

The daylight tube has been developed to bring in natural daylight into places that direct daylight cannot penetrate, throughout the whole day and across all seasons. The dome on the roof catches the daylight. Using a reflector and tube system with a very strong reflective coating, the daylight is transported to an underlying room. This room does not have to be located directly under the roof

Suitable for every roof and every room
A daylight tube is available for almost every kind of roof. Not only for flat roofs, but also for sloped roofs. Both varieties of daylight tube are available with a diameter of 25 or 35 centimetres.

  • The go-to product for rooms with little to no daylight
  • Fast and easy to install (normally, no alterations in the roof construction are necessary)
  • Beautiful interior finishing
  • Low maintenance
  • 10-year guarantee

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